Juan Carlos Martínez-Ovando

Tecnológico de Monterrey

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I am a Bayesian Statistician and Data Scientist with an interest in studying real life problems using data analytics and statistical methods. I have experience working in the public, private and consultancy sectors in areas related to the Social Sciences.

I hold a bachellor degree in Actuarial Science from ITAM and earned a master's degree in Statistics from UNAM under Professor Eduardo Gutiérez-Pena. I completed my doctoral degree at the University of Kent supervised by Professor Stephen G. Walker.

I am interested in studying different aspects of the Bayesian paradigm to inference involving nonparametric methods and applying them in the contexts of time-series data analysis, highly-structured data and information, actuarial statistics, operational risks modeling, quantitative risk assessment, macroeconometrics and predictive behavior analytics.


Contact me through email at jc.martinez.ovando@gmail.com or jc-mo@tec.mx.